Lamb and Lion Lectures

Singing Biblical texts in the Original Language

While studying theology, you may have to learn some new languages. Often, it is quite a challenge. However, learing by singing makes it easier, because you activate your both brain halves. Also, you'll have fun!

Here we have gatherd some texts in different languages - Biblical and others - with a tune.

By the way, the Lamb and the Lion are not two different figures, but one and the same: the risen and glorified Christ, as he is depicted in the Book of Revelation, chapter 5.

The creator of this site is Annika Stacke, who serves as a priest in the Church of Sweden.

Old Testament Hebrew    
  Hebrew Alphabet (eng) Hebrew Alphabet (Tune)
  Hebreiska alfabetet (sw) Hebrew Alphabet (Tune)
New Testament Greek    
Matthew 7.7-8 Matthew 7.7-8 (Tune)
John 3.16 John 3.16 (Tune)
John 14.6 John 14.6 (Tune)
  Armenian Alphabet Armenian Alphabet (Tune)
  Çünkü Tanrı dünyayı (Yohanna 3.16) Çünkü Tanrı dünyayı (Tune)
  Yol, gerçek ve yaşam Ben'in (Yohanna 14.6) Yol, gerçek ve yaşam Ben'in (Tune)
  İşte kapıda durmuş (Yahiy 3.20) İşte kapıda durmuş (Tune)